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Erann Flowstone

Article written by Gerrin

Erann Flowstone (? - ? AC) was a Hylar dwarf who was from the dwarven realm of Kayolin and served as the Governor of Kayolin. He inherited the title from his father, Bracken Flowstone, after his father's death in 294 AC. Flowstone was known as a forthright, handsome dwarf, who stood 5'1". In his younger years, Flowstone became a cleric of Reorx, even though the gods had seemed to have vanish since the Cataclysm. This did not stop Flowstone from becoming a devote member of the clergy. Through his efforts the worship of the gods was not lost in Kayolin, and he has always put the gods first in his life.

To honor the gods, Flowstone, has created several religious festivals in which the dwarves offer their thanks to their patron god. Also Flowstone created Aghar Haven, to ensure the safety of the Aghar dwarves living in Kayolin. Flowstone is known as a kind and beneficent leader who preferred to negotiate rather then pass judgment. Even though he was passive his people respected and admired him and took his word as law.

Kender Tales

Sometimes Erann has been mistakenly named Erran Flowstone.


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