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Zhak Pillarstone

Article written by Gerrin

Zhak Pillarstone (? - ? AC) was a Zhakar dwarf who was from the underground dwarven realm of Zhakar and was the King of Zhakar. He rose to power when he convinced his fellow dwarves that the Zhakar King, Whez Lavastone, was using his powers as a savant to lead his people into slavery of Takhisis. After the disastrous participation the Zhakar had in the War of the Lance many dwarves turned to Pillarstone to lead. Pillarstone then led them in a revolt that slaughtered the entire family of Lavastone and captured the king.

Once Pillarstone was in control it became clear that he didn't know what to do and ruled the realm with no planning. He made decisions not based on what was right but rather what would bring him the most profit. It was well known that Pillarstone was afraid of dragons and draconians and ordered the guards to kill any that are found.


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