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Scarlet Brethren

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The Scarlet Brethren were a group of nine Red-Robed Wizards that faithfully served the kingdom of Arngrim during Age of Might. They were used in defense and for prophesying to the king. It was during this time that the power-mad wizardess, Asvoria, came to the kingdom of Arngrim, hunting for the Scarlet Brethren. She crushed most of the Scarlet Brethren and became angered that the small kingdom had tried to stand against the mighty Asvoria. As punishment, she cursed the kingdom to forever be an undead kingdom and the Scarlet Brethren were too weak to stop it.

Age of Despair

In the summer of 353 AC, the Scarlet Brethren, lead by the red robed human Primus, had regained enough power and membership to try to break Asvoria's curse against Arngrim and the royal family. The spell required the sacrificing of the Lionheart, an innocent with a brave soul in the dark tunnels underneath the fog cursed kingdom. The Brethren's spell was disrupted, the innocent human was saved, and many of the Scarlet Brethren were killed when the spell backfired. The kingdom of Arngrim then disappeared into the mist forever. It is unknown what the Scarlet Brethren are up to do this day.


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