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Many years ago before the Cataclysm, Arngrim was a small city-kingdom located in the beautiful valleys of the Vingaard Mountains, 12 miles south of the High Clerist's Tower. Massive bridges were built over the great mountain chasms and the small kingdom prospered through traders passing through. Arngrim was located at the far end of a valley; its castle spires jutted up like the surrounding mountain peaks. Even from far distances away, the grand Castle Arngrim dominated most of the land inside the city's walls. The flags flapped the lion-head crest of Arngrim for all to see.

The city-kingdom's keep had heavy black stonewalls that raised three stories high, well above the walled town at its feet. Its gate took many men to open making the city very defendable. Alarm bells were placed along the walls for anyone to alarm. During times of war, the gates of Arngrim were closed at nightfall for safety.

Entering the city lead down gray cobblestones that were wide enough for three carts to go down simultaneously. Inside the gates of the city, slender houses of thatch, stone, and wood are crammed into the enclosed space, with barely any room to breath. The main street of Arngrim curves past several public wells and a fountain square before reaching the towering Castle Arngrim in the center of town.

The kings of Arngrim historically used a group of red wizards, known as the Scarlet Brethren, for prophesy and defense of the city-kingdom. The kings also relied on the black and grey lion armored guards of Arngrim for protection. None of this could save them from the power-mad wizardess, Asvoria. The evil wizard wanted the city-kingdom, but the king of Arngrim, Conar Arngrim, and the Scarlet Brethren made a stand against her wrath. Asvoria was furious that anyone would stand against her and instead did not destroy the city, choosing to put a powerful curse against the kingdom of Arngrim.

Arngrim sat untouched for years. A constant fog hung over the land, that slowly destroyed all plant life, leaving Arngrim a cold dead land. Its bridges were destroyed and its connection to the outside world faded as the Cataclysm decimated the face of Ansalon, and as generations passed, people forgot about Arngrim. Conar Arngrim, his wife, and his son, Alric Arngrim were cursed to live a half-life, draining the lives of their subjects to perpetuate their life. Their loyal knights of Arngrim became spirits trapped and cursed to reside in their old armor, never feeling or talking, only serving. The subjects lived in a thick blanket of fog, generations living and dying, and because of the curse they did not realize their rulers never changed.

Age of Despair

King Conar Arngrim sought a way to break the curse and for centuries he sought it. In the year 353 AC, the remnants of the Scarlet Brethren found their answer. An innocent soul, strong and brave enough, called the Lionheart must be sacrificed to restore Arngrim. The son, Alric Arngrim, found Catriona, a young Solamnic squire traveling with her friends and intended to sacrifice Catriona to restore his kingdom, but could not because Alric had fallen in love with the young squire. The Scarlet Brethren found another adequate sacrifice, and tried to sacrifice Catriona's friend, Nearra, but Catriona and her friends fought back. King Conar Arngrim ordered Catriona and her friends killed but at the last moment, the young undead prince, Alric, denied his father's wishes and saved Catriona from death, disrupting the spell to revive the dead kingdom of Arngrim. With the spell disrupted, the kingdom of Arngrim disappeared into the mist permanently.

Places in Arngrim

Castle Arngrim
Dragon's Maw


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