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Nuitari's Shroud

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The Nuitari's Shroud was a voluminous cloak of sheer black silk with a heavy cowl and arcane symbols made of shards of obsidian. When it is worn, it molds itself to the mage's body as if it were a second skin, even though it moves as if a constant wind is blowing at it. Only a Black Robe can wear the shroud, but if another robe were to wear the bracers, they would not be able to remove them until a Black Robe cast remove curse upon that Mage. The powers behind this shroud was that it the wearer can assume a shadowy form like the spell gaseous form, can shadow walk, and once per day acts as if the black moon is at High Sanction for the wizard, and there are many more powers that are said to be unknown.


The history behind the Nuitari's Shroud is sketchy at best. What is know for sure is that the shroud was crafted by the god of black magic, Nuitari. He crafted them for a favored Black Robe during the Age of Dreams, and that the bracers were a part of a set including Bracers of Solinari and Shield of Lunitari.


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