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Gauntlet of Ventyr

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The Gauntlet of Ventyr was a gauntlet made up of many carved plates of ivory, jade, and silver, all interlocked together, which gives the gauntlet impressive articulation. The gauntlet was very beautiful, each of the plates has a different magical pictogram on it, and with some being so tiny the person who has the Gauntlet cannot make out the carving. The gauntlet appears as a woman named Trenna to men, and to women it appears as a man.

The Gauntlet of Ventyr can create a anti-magic field, and after staying in one location for a week, that field will begin to grow. It can also speak telepathically to its owner up to 25 miles of separation. It also will enhance the casting ability of the wizard or Sorcerer that wears it.

History of the Gauntlet

The gauntlet was created by Dwarves from Thorbardin during the War of the Mountain. Before it was to be used to stop Ergoth's Wizards, Kith-Kanan was able to have both sides sign the Swordsheath Scroll. For the next two thousand years, the gauntlet was passed from thane to thane until eventually, just before the Cataclysm, the Hylar Thane Beldris gave the gauntlet to Aniirin I in exchange for two boatloads of grain.

Aniirin the first used the Gauntlet to protect his city of Qindaras from the mages of the Towers of High Sorcery from magical attack. There it sat through the reign of Aniirin II until Aniirin III ascended the throne. He never used the Gauntlet and it slowly drained all its stored up magical power. Eventually Trenna appeared to Lyim Rhistadt and Lyim took the Gauntlet, and seized control over the city and the people. Together Lyim and Trenna led the people of Qindaras on an attack on the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth. Lyim was defeated and the Gauntlet was turned over to a Hylar dwarf named Hothjor.

Hothjor took the Gauntlet back to Thorbardin, and there it sat in a vault. After the Chaos War, the Gauntlet of Ventyr went into a deep hibernation. In 412 AC, Severus Stonehand took the Gauntlet with him to find the lost nation of Thoradin. He found the nation and nearly drained all the magic from the Gauntlet. Somehow the Gauntlet was able to escape, and its location is unknown.


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