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Citadel Renegade

Article written by Ambro

Citadel Renegades or "fallen Mystics" are former mystics of the Citadel of Light. Very rarely individuals are expelled from the fellowship at the Citadel. Crimes they may have committed might include knowingly putting innocents in danger, attacking another member of the fellowship, and working with enemies of the Citadel. In the first twenty years of the Citadel, expulsion had only occurred seven times.

Being Accused

When a member of the Citadel of Light is accused of a crime the Senior Masters will investigate the accusation. After the investigation and if the Senior Masters warrant the crime sever enough they tell the accused to be ready to defend their actions during the ceremony of expulsion.

Being Expelled

All mystics line up along The Walk outside the Citadel of Light, and then the accused, a group of Citadel Guardians, and three Senior Masters skilled in sensitivity and mentalism exit the Citadel. Note that Goldmoon would always be the lead mystic of the three. In front of everyone the accused is questioned. The three Masters each silently decide the fate of the accused. The lesser two Masters then will turn their backs on the accused if they find the person guilty. If this happens then the more senior master will turn their back also. If only one Master turns their back then the most senior member will decide himself or herself. If the majority of the three Senior Masters find the accused guilty then the accused leaves the Citadel following the road back to the Port of Schallsea with all who line the road turning their backs as well.


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