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Citadel Mystic

Article written by Ambro

Citadel Mystics are the most common Mystic members of the Citadel of Light. They fulfill most of the roles of the Citadel's followers. Citadel Mystics were Citadel Aspirants that managed to master at least one mystic sphere.

Citadel Mystics that climb the Silver Stair and defeat the personal conflicts shown in their visions are then given the title of Citadel Master. Citadel Mystics that chose not to climb the stair or fail to conquer the daemons in the visions cannot advance further in rank until they do so.

Citadel Mystics typically wear the same light-colored robes that all the members of the fellowship wear. When they reach this rank their Citadel Medallions get engraved. Before the War of Souls, the trapezoidal medallions were engraved with a heart shaped symbol of the Citadel's old symbol. It is unknown if the new symbol of the Citadel has been adapted for the medallions.


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