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Zhakar City Center

Article written by Gerrin

The Zhakar City Center was the area that connected the six great wings of the Zhakar dwarf city of Zhakar City. This area served as the common area of the city and was the only area of the city that was connected to the outside. The two massive lifts provided access to Zhakar Keep which lifted both dwarves and goods.

The most well known feature of the city center was the King's Promenade. This area was a leftover from before the Cataclysm and contained two rows of columns. Along the sides of the columns was a sloping hillside that dwarves would sit on to watch the king march below.

At the southern end of the city center there stood two massive marble statues. Each statue was over fifty feet high and they were carved to look like a male and female dwarf. Beneath the statues were two thrones, one for the king and the other for his wife or concubine. Between the statues there was a pair of iron doors that lead to the Royal Wing of the city.

There were numerous residential, commercial and industrial buildings spread throughout the city center. Most buildings in the city center contained few if any windows as the Zhakar were a private people. Several large fountains also were built in the city center between the promenade and the lift stations.


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