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First Dragon War

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The First Dragon War (3900 PC - 3550 PC), called Dragon War by dragons, was a war that took place between the Metallic Dragons allied with the elves of Silvanesti and the Chromatic Dragon allied with ogres, and followers of Takhisis.

Elves Claim A New Homeland

Elves left their ancestral homeland in 4000 PC, and went to an enchanted wood that would later become known as the Silvanesti Forest. For the next one hundred years, the elves would thrive in these southernwoods, until eventually their outposts would encroach upon territory claimed by the dragons of Takhisis.

First Dragon War

While the Metallic Dragons were occupied in the west with the death of their mentor Scion Patersmith, Crematia saw her chance and had her chromatic dragons and Ogre allies attack the elven outposts in an attempt to throw out the elven invaders. Silvanos Goldeneye and his lieutenant Balif rallied all the elves in fighting back. Eventually, the dragons Smelt, Burll, Blayze, Darlantan, and Aurican went to investigate the new elven people, only to see to their horror that the elves were being destroyed.

Aurican led his brothers on a daring attack of the chromatics in the Khalkists, but they were ambushed. Smelt, Burll, and Blayze were all killed in the battle, with a few chromatics killed by Darlantan and Aurican. The one thing the chromatics had on their side was the use of Magic, which the metallics did not have, and this greatly improved the power of the chromatic dragons. So both Darlantan and Aurican had to flee the battle, leaving the bodies of their brothers behind. Crematia allowed for them to flee, in order to start concentrating more on the elves.

While the dragons were fighting in the sky, an ogre named Ironfist led the ogres in attacking the elves led by Silvanos and Balif. Eventually leadership would pass to Blacktusk, and then on to his grandson Talonian who would fight the last battle of the First Dragon War.

Vengeful Silver

Aurican and Darlantan both decided that they needed magic in order to win this war. While Aurican left in search of magic, Darlantan waged a relentless war against the chromatics that ventured into the woods south of the Khalkists. He assisted the elves in ambushes, and had many lairs throughout the woodlands. He would also assist the elves in the fighting against the ogres that invaded the woodlands, until eventually the war was nothing more than a stalemate.

Search for Magic

When Aurican left his brother to fight against the hordes of Takhisis, he took with him three sages, Fayal Padran, Parys Dayl, and Kayn Wytsnall, whom were triplets (this being very rare for elves). Together, the four traveled into the realms of the gods in some way, there they met with Solinari, Lunitari, and Nuitari, and were told the way in which to defeat the chromatic dragons. They taught them how to create dragon stones, and with them capture the spirits of the dragons.

The War Turns

Upon the return of Aurican and the three brothers, the war began to shift in the favor of the elves. Luckily for the metalic dragons and their allies, chromatic dragons tended to fight with only their clan. Three times Darlantan led three different clans into traps, blacks, whites, and green, and their spirits were captured in the dragon stones. As the chromatic dragons were captured, the dragon stone with the spirit of the dragons was taken north into the Khalkist Mountains and dropped into a bottomless pit. All of this was leading up to the final battle between the blue dragons and ogres led by Talonian, against the elves led by Silvanos and Balif.

Just before this battle was going to take place, the blue dragon stone was stolen by Barc Darrontale and his ogre warriors. Darlantan called upon his wild elf friend Kaganos Pathfinder to assist him in getting back the stone. Kaganos agreed, taking his warriors in a daring attack against Barc's fortified location. Even though many wilder elves died in the battle, they slaughtered the ogres there and recovered the blue dragon stone. Quithas Griffontamer came and took the stone to his lord Silvanos in order to save the battle. The Silver Dragon Darlantan had fought against five Blue Dragons in the attempt to stall while Kaganos recovered the stone. Even though he killed two of the blues, he himself was mortally wounded. Just as the blues were about to attack and slaughter the elves on the field of battle, Silvanos used the power of the blue stone to capture the blue dragon spirits. With the thread of the chromatic dragons gone, the elves were able to slaughter the ogres.

During all this, Aurican had fought Crematia until he had driven her away. She retreated to the Khalkists and Takhisis put her into a deep sleep that one day she would return to slaughter the elves and their metallic allies.


With the victory soundly in elven hands, the elves were free to continue building their new homeland. The gods were extremely mad at Solinari, Lunitari, and Nuitari for interfering in the war. They were banished into the sky of Krynn. Silvanos offered Kagonos and his followers the opportunity to join with the new elven nation, but after talking with Darlantan and almost being killed by Quithas for a feud, he chose not to join. The Kagonesti Elves were formed and moved into the wilds to live as their ancestors did. Darlantan gave to Aurican three pieces of the moons, which he bade his brother to swallow. In doing so, this greatly enhanced Aurican's ability to spell cast. Darlantan died of his wounds, but glad to see the choice that Kagonos made.

Kender Tales

Originally, this war took place between 3500 PC - 3350 PC, but was changed in the Dragonlance Campaign Setting to better allow use of the Graygem.


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