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Orin Bellowsmoke

Article written by Gerrin

Orin Bellowsmoke (? - 423 AC) was a Daergar dwarf who was from the underground dwarven realm of Thorbardin and the brother of Shahar Bellowsmoke. He was a thief, cutthroat, and murderer who had spent most of the years following the Chaos War in the dungeons of Norbardin. During Stonesinger's Rebellion, Bellowsmoke swore allegiance to Tarn Bellowgranite for his freedom from the dungeons. Orin then led a group of Tarn's forces into a trap in which he betrayed Tarn and joined sides with Jungor Stonesinger. His brother Shahar Bellosmoke would kill Orin Bellowsmoke in the Battle at the Council Hall.


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