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Jungor Stonesinger

Article written by Gerrin

Jungor Stonesinger (? AC - ? AC) was a Hylar dwarf who was from the dwarven underground realm of Thorbardin and was the High Thane of Thorbardin. He was the uncle to Haruk Mastersword and couldn't remember who his mother was since she had been killed by shadow wights during the Chaos War. Jungor was the Thane of the Hylar and President of the Arena of Justice prior to his rebellion.

In the Arena of Justice, Jungor was the President, and decided whether or not issues could be resolved in it. He took part in several fights in the arena and during his fight with Vault Forgesmoke was wounded in his face by blinding his right eye. This wound was a grievous insult to Jungor who prided himself in his appearance. Following the fight Jungor declared that Vault's ghost would be unable to enter the afterlife and be forced to wander. His statement was followed by the Theiwar Thane Brecha Quickspring's support and vision of a wandering ghost.

Following the fight, Jungor began to plot how to overthrow the High Thane, Tarn Bellowgranite. Jungor believed that Thorbardin should stay out of the affairs of mortals and was prepared to push the Council of Thanes for the withdrawal of the dwarves support in the War of Souls. During the Council of Thanes meeting, Jungor presented his plan and was supported in his ideas by the Daewar Thane, Reghar Delvestone and by Brecha. Jungor played on the idea that Beryl was still alive and planning a counter-attack, this allowed him to have the realm sealed against outsiders.

After Thorbardin was cut off from the outside world, Jungor began to stockpile supplies and prepare for the rebellion. Jungor paid the Aghar dwarf Shnatz Ong to dig a hole in Hybardin in the hopes of killing Tarn or undermining his power further. As the dwarves arrived at the Isle of the Dead, during the Festival of the Dead, a large section of Hybardin fell causing everyone to flee back to Norbardin.

Also when an earthquake occurred in Thorbardin, Jungor was one of the first thanes to organize a relief effort for the dwarves. Following this move, many dwarves began to believe that he should become High Thane. This support would give him the courage to openly rebel against Tarn and cause a civil war in Thorbardin in 423 AC.

The war was a brief but brutal one with many casualties on both sides. During the course of the war Tarn had found the Hammer of Kharas and had soundly defeated Jungor's forces. To save himself and his position Jungor arranged for the kidnapping of Tarn's son Tor Bellowgranite. In exchange for his son, Tarn gave up the rule of Thorbardin and was exiled by Jungor. Jungor also eliminated any other threat to his rule and exiled those dwarves with Tarn. Jungor then became the High Thane of Thorbardin in 423 AC.


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