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Terra Sharn

Article written by Gerrin

Terra Sharn (? PC - ? PC) was a Calnar and Hylar dwarf who was the only daughter of Colin Stonetooth and the wife of Willen Ironmaul. She was born in Thorin and lived there with her three brothers Cale Greeneyes, Tolon Farsight, and Handil Coldblade. Terra would often provide her brothers council and motherly advice. She was described as a beautiful dwarf who had many suitors including Jerem Longslate and Willen Ironmaul.

She accompanied her father, Colin, into exile and during their journey to the Kayolin Mountains she was wed to Willen Ironmaul in 2149 PC. Their relationship had blossomed during the journey and the occasion brought joy to the new Hylar dwarves. The couple continued with the group as they arrived at Thorbardin. As her father solidified the relationship between the various clans of Kal-Thax, she worked with the Hylar to begin a new home.

After the death of her father in 2148 PC, Terra found out she was pregnant. For a type she was voted to lead the Hylar as the Hylar Thane, but she would instead have her husband lead their people as long as the Council of Thanes approved, which they did. She would give birth to Damon Omenborn who according to Mistral Thrax was the future father of kings. Willen and Terra raised Damon in Hybardin and Terra concentrated much of the rest of her life on worrying about her son and his actions.

During the Wizard's War, Terra befriended Willow Summercloud, her son's future wife. She helped organize a ladies home defense plan and survived the battle. Afterwards she attended her son's wedding to Willow and returned to living in Hybardin.


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