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Tolon Farsight

Article written by Gerrin

Tolon Farsight (2191 PC - ?) was the Chieftain of Thorin and also a son of former thane Colin Stonetooth. He was described as a brooding and intuitive dwarf who often kept to himself. Tolon was also called Tolon the Muse because he was often deep in thought about different subjects. He was also the brother to Handil Coldblade, Cale Greeneye, and Terra Sharn.

Colin felt that Tolon would make a poor leader for Thorin because of his distrust of outsiders. Tolon was present when the human Calik was caught and questioned. He urged his father to close the gates and to end contact with the outside world.

During the Last Balladine, Tolon found himself trapped inside of Thorin Keep as the humans entered the lower level. He decided to destroy the lifts that Handil Coldblade had designed to prevent the humans from entering the upper levels of the keep. Tolon then led the dwarves on the top level and retook the keep's lower level through force.

Following the Last Balladine, Colin Stonetooth declared that Tolon would become the new Chieftain of Thorin. Tolon declared that Balladine would end and that the dwarven realm would trade only on their terms. Thorin would slowly withdraw from the world under Tolon's rule.


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