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Citadel of Karoc-Tor

Article written by Uziel & trogers81

On the northwestern coastline of Solamnia, in the Coastlund region laid the ancient fortress known as the Citadel of Karoc-Tor. The fortress lies upon a spire of black rock 1,000 ft high that towered over the surrounded valley and thick forest. The Citadel of Karoc-Tor was situated slightly southwest of Warden Swamp and somewhat eastwards of the town of Gander. In pre-Cataclysmic times, the citadel was a vast and nigh impenatrable stronghold, however following the Cataclysm, much of the citadel was destroyed and laid in ruins.

Age of Despair

During the Age of Despair, the citadel was claimed by the bandit king known as Gadion, and his followers who took residence in the only remaining tower that stood intact in the later age. The only three intact buildings of the citadel were the barracks (which had been burnt in the past, but were still standing), the stables and the keep itself. The keep was constructed of black rock, and was a huge structure that loomed over all, and bore two huge wooden doors that led into its halls. The hallways of Karoc-Tor had no windows, and the interior of the keep was dark and gloomy. A large audience hall stood in the center of the keep, and was where Gadion entertained his guests from a raised platform and throne.

The Citadel also had a prison deep in the bowels of Karoc-Tor that Gadion made use of. The keep had many cells, some of which still had the faceless corpses of their captives. Yet unknown to Gadion, in one of the rear prison cells, was a secret wall. When the wall stone was knocked away, a long, narrow spiraling staircase was revealed that circled deep into the mountainside. The bottom of this secret path opened to a narrow passage that lead to an artifact known as the Dragon Well, a source of power that required dragon's blood. The Dragon Well was surrounded by decomposing bodies of men who died fighting for control of the precious artifact

Gadion spent years operating from this base unaware of what he had, using his men and the mystical monster known as the Beast to rob and intimidate the small town of Potter's Mill. The town sent a group of young heroes to stop Gadion. In the winter of 353 AC, Gadion captured these young heroes named Davyn, Sindri Suncatcher, Nearra, Elidor, and Catriona.

The bandit and his men locked the heroes in the prison cells and readied for their final attack on Potter's Mill. It was there that the heroes found what Gadion could not, the secret door to the Dragon Well. Gadion and his men eventually found the heroes missing and followed them down the secret passage. Upon hearing the power of the Dragon Well, Gadion decided that he wanted to keep it for himself. The two sides fought for control of the well but it was destroyed in the fight and Gadion was killed by the young hero, Catriona.

After the battle, Sindri Suncatcher freed the soul of a captive dragon, Theoran, from the Dragon Well where he had been drained of his powers for hundreds of years. The freed dragon, Theoran, used what was left of his power to breathe a dissolving mist that destroyed the last vestiges of the Citadel of Karoc-Tor.


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