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North Hall of Justice

Article written by Gerrin

The North Hall of Justice, also called the North Hall for short, was a hall that was located in the northern area of Thorbardin and stood as the second line of defense. This hall had two levels and once was used for government offices. The First Road left the hall from the lower level, while the Second Road exited the hall from the upper level.

The hall was surrounded by a 50 feet deep moat that was crossable only by a drawbridge. Also there was numerous arrow slits and bulwarks that allowed defenders a clear line of sight to fire on attackers. Inside the hall there is a great hall that was used to administer justice to criminals.

Also located inside the North Hall of Justice was a domed building that was the Temple of Reorx. Following the Chaos War the North Hall of Justice became the main government building and the temple became a temporary meeting place for the Council of Thanes.


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