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Northgate Complex

Article written by Gerrin

The Northgate Complex was designed to defend Thorbardin from invaders and was built shortly after the creation of Thorbardin. The gate was designed with a screw and plug gate and the complex contained three levels. The levels were only reachable through the use of transport shafts that were chain ladders that moved scaffolding up and down between the levels.

The upper level of the complex contained the controls to open the Northgate and contained the murder holes that were directly over the path that led across Anvil's Echo. There were also residential, commercial, and barracks found on the upper level. The upper level was connected to the lower level through the use of transport shafts that were located on the south side of the level.

The middle level of the complex contained the screw and plug gate mechanism that was called Northgate. In the middle part of the area was Anvil's Echo, a natural cavern that descended 100 feet and was crossable only by a bridge. There were also residential and commercial areas found throughout this area. The Second Road ran through this area and the transport shafts to the other levels were located on the south side of the level.

The lower level of the complex contained the floor of the Anvil Echo cavern. This level consisted primarily of residential, smithies and barracks. Heading south from the lower level was the First Road that entered the lower level of the North Hall of Justice. The transport shafts of this area were located on the south side of the level.

The Northgate Complex was a sprawling city called Gatekeep prior to the Cataclysm, following the event most of the complex was abandoned. The outside path leading to the Northgate Complex was destroyed and the gate was unable to support its own weight if it was ever opened. During the War of the Lance the gate was opened and broke off, plunging 1,000 feet. The dwarves rebuilt the gate to secure the entrance against invaders.

Following the Chaos War the entrance to Northgate became the only exit out of Thorbardin because the Southgate Complex was destroyed. The dwarves built the city of Norbardin in the Northgate Complex to help the house the refugees of the war.


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