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Colin Stonetooth

Article written by Gerrin

Colin Stonetooth (?- Early Spring, 2148 PC) was a Calnar and Hylar thane who moved the people of Thorin across Ansalon to create Thorbardin. He was a powerful built dwarf with black hair that was streaked with grey and grey eyes that had the grace of a mountain climber. Colin also was the father of four children Handil Coldblade, Tolon Farsight, Cale Greeneyes and Terra Sharn.

Last Balladine

Prior to the Last Balladine, Colin Stonetooth ruled the Calnar with a peaceful rule. The dwarves that lived in Thorin were not renowned warriors but they were unsurpassed when it came to making goods. Human merchants traveled to the dwarven city of Thorin to trade for goods in what both sides called Balladine.

As the dwarves prepared for the upcoming Balladine, Colin received disturbing news from his wardens of the capture of a human spy. Colin attempted to question the spy but the human refused to give any information. Willen Ironmaul felt that he could force the human to talk challenged him to unarmed combat. During the combat the human retrieved his sword and Willen was forced to kill the human.

The Wardens, Colin and other notable figures of Thorin then debated the human's ulterior motive. They believed that the humans were envious of the wealth of Thorin and were planning on seizing it through force. Colin then warned the dwarves "to look to the left side of their tools," which meant for the dwarves to prepare for an attack.

As Balladine began Colin sent out his Warden of Trade, Cullom Hammerstand, who met with the delegates from Golash and Chandera. Unknown to Colin, Cullom learned that the two nations were being held hostage and secretly planned a course of action for their safety. As Cullom rode back to the gates of Thorin, Colin rode out to begin the trading. When the humans led by Grayfen Ember-Eye spotted Colin, they rushed to the attack him.

Colin was forced to retreat back into Thorin and ordered for the massive inner gates to drop sealing the dwarves inside. As the gates fell, Jenna Rockweave, Colin's soon to be daughter in law was killed by a human archer. As Colin watched he saw his son Handil in his grief cause the ceiling of the Grand Cavern to fall killing all inside it.

Following the battle of Thorin, Colin accepted his people's judgment of exile for failing to keep his people safe. A thousand Calnar, including his son Cale and daughter, Tera, accompanied him into exile. As the Calnar were leaving Thorin, Colin declared that Thorin would be called Thoradin meaning "lost hope." He also called the Calnar, Hylar meaning the highest and began a trek to search for the vision Mithral Thrax had prior to the Last Balladine.

Journey to Thorbardin

Colin Stonetooth would lead the Hylar dwarves towards the Kharolis Mountains. As the clan journeyed to their unknown destination they were attacked three times, twice by humans and once by ogres. Enemies would lead the dwarves alone following these attacks, as they appeared stronger. Colin also set out his son Cale Greeneyes to scout out the area ahead of them.

Cale would eventually meet a knight named Geldon Hawke and bested him in combat. After returning with the k night to Colin, Cale wanted his father to allow Geldon to begin to train dwarves in the art of warfare. At first Colin was hesitant until Geldon bested Jerem Longslate in a contest with swords. Following that contest Colin ordered that Geldon train the dwarves in not only weapon use but also battle tactics.

As the dwarves neared Kal-Thax, Colin grew suspicious of a clan of horsemen who mistaken his force of dwarves with another group that had beaten them. When the attack occurred Colin asked Geldon whom he sided with and Geldon told him that he wished to watch the battle. The battle was quickly over as the dwarves using human tactics routed the humans. Following the battle in a ceremony, Colin presented Geldon with a finely crafted sword and released him from his bondage.

Creation of Thorbardin

The Hylar dwarves first settled in the old Daewar territory and built a makeshift city upon the ruins of the Daewar city of Daebardin. Near the ruins Colin discovered a tunnel that led deep underground and decided that the Daewar had fled there even though they were sun dwellers. Sealing the end of the tunnel was a hinged plug that Colin ordered to be studied and then opened.

Colin would then meet the other dwarven clans and presented the idea of Thorbardin to them. At first the other thanes were unsure of the idea until Colin told of the Daewar's secret underground realm. After that the clans of all the dwarves traveled there and agreed to build the city together because the feared that the humans would overrun them by spring.

The Hylar thane then called a Council of Thanes in which the leaders of all seven clans of dwarves met and discussed the future of their race. During the meeting Colin conducted himself not as a ruler but as an equal to the rest of the council. It would be through his action that the council would accept the idea that Thorbardin was for all dwarves and not just for one clan.

Following the council the thanes then took part in the Covenant of the Forge, in which they forged a 14-sided pendant to represent the equality of the clans. Colin would be the last thane to strike the pendant and his strike could be heard throughout Thorbardin. After finishing the pendant, Colin spoke to the citizens of Thorbardin about the covenant of the thanes. He then threw the pendant into the Urkhan Sea so that no dwarf could use it to claim supremacy over others.

After the Covenant of the Forge, Colin and his Ten toured Thorbardin searching for a suitable spot to build their city. As Colin and the Ten were looking at the stalactite, that would become Hybardin, they were attacked by Glome the Assassin and his followers. A javelin thrown by Glome struck down Colin and his death would cause the other thanes of Thorbardin to avenge his death in honor of their covenant.

Colin Stonetooth and his Ten were laid to rest in a valley called Deadfall. This valley would be renamed the Valley of the Thanes by the Daewar Prince, Olim Goldbuckle. The valley was consecrated to Reorx and would become the resting place of all future thanes of Thorbardin.


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