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Bracelet of Magic Resistance

Article written by Kranar Drogin

The Bracelet of Magic Resistance is a bracelet created of silver, four inches in width, set with pieces of onyx, weighs about half a pound, and has the Magic Spells Heroism and Spell Turning in it, all created by a Black Robe. The owner of this bracelet will wear it upon their wrist, and this will protect the owner against all forms of magical fear, including Dragonfear and fear from the Shoikan Grove. It will also block all forms of magic cast at the wearer, but all of this may only be used twenty-five times before the magic item no longer is magical. Once all the charges are used up, then the opals crumble to dust and there is no longer magic in the bracelet.

This is the type of bracelet that Tanis Half-Elven wore when he was suppose to fight Lord Loren Soth during the Blue Lady's War.


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