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Instant Summons

Article written by Paul Record

Instant Summons is a Conjuration spell that a Mage or Sorcerer may cast to call some nonliving item directly to her hand. For the spell to be effective, the caster must place a personal arcane mark on the item. Then the caster must cast the spell, which inscribes the name of the item onto a sapphire gem. When the spell is cast the caster must chose a special word to call the item. Thereafter the caster can summon the item by speaking the special word and crushing the gem. If the item is in possession of another being, then the spell does not work, however, the caster knows who the possessor is and roughly, where the creature is located. The caster must be able to say the spell correctly, complete the appropriate hand gestures, and provide the proper arcane component/focus.


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