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Master Guardian

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The Master Guardian is the leader of the Citadel of Light's fighting force known as the Citadel Guardians. A Master Guardian must be a skilled warrior and have obtained the Mystic rank of Citadel Master. It was done this way so the Master Guardian would completely understand the importance of the Citadel message.

The Master Guardian reviews all guardian assignments and approves all promotions put forth from the Senior Guardians or commanders. When necessary he settles any disciplinary problems that the commanders cannot handle. The Master Guardian also chooses which guardians will escort mystics on their travels away from the Citadel of Light.

Past Master Guardians

Jasper Fireforge (396 AC - ? AC) served in this position temporarily until a more suitable person was found.

Kolan Tyel (ca. 405 AC415 AC) invented the Citadel Guardian rank structure, before he became Master Guardian. He served as Master Guardian for more than ten years before dying by Elian Assassins while protecting Goldmoon.

Kentry (415 AC - ? AC) was Kolan's second-in-command. He took the position of Master Guardian the same day Kolan was killed.

Current Master Guardian

Mac Wellfinder (? AC - Current AC) is the current Master Guardian of the Citadel of Light.


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