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Beak Skincutter

Article written by Gerrin

Beak Skincutter (? - ? PC) was a Daewar explorer who was sent to explore the Khalkist Mountains in search of a new colony for Thorbardin. He was a veteran of the Third Dragon War and had won the rank of Captain for his fighting. Beak had led a detachment of crossbowmen during the war and fought alongside Horn Dunbar.

Following the war Beak returned to Thorbardin and quickly grew bored with the peace and prosperity the war had brought. Seeking adventure Beak sought out his old companion Horn after hearing of Horn's interest in located the legendary dwarven nation of Thoradin.

Beak was chosen by the Council of Thanes to lead the Daewar forces of the expedition under the leadership of Horn. He traveled with the expedition and took part in the searching for Thoradin.


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