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Article written by Paul Record & Kranar Drogin

The Spiritborne is a faction of former Skull Knights turned warrior-clerics of Chemosh. They specialize in magic that controls incorporeal undead. The group was created during the War of Souls, when a Wing of Skull Knight Mystics was washed over by a wave of the undead spirits. They kept their powers during the war, but lost them when the spirits left Krynn.

War of Souls

After the War of Souls, the Spiritborne lost their powers. They left the dark knighthood on a pilgrimage. During their journey, they encountered a divine messenger of Chemosh. It led them to Soul's Wound, a canyon in Nightlund. When they emerged, they had pledged their service to Chemosh. They serve as warrior-clerics, charged with defeating the soldiers of Mishakal. Their armor is pitch black with a yellowed skull. Even though they follow Chemosh, they do not like his other followers the Beloved of Chemosh.

The dark Dwarf, Granite Oakbone, currently leads them.


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