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Jasper Fireforge

Article written by Gerrin

Jasper Fireforge-Gneissfeld (307 AC - 416 AC) was a Neidar Dwarf from the infamous Fireforge Clan of Hillhome and the nephew to Flint Fireforge. He was born in Hillhome to a Fireforge mother and a father who's name is never known except for the last name which is Gneissfeld. He also worked as a miner prior to the War of the Lance. Following the war he became a cleric of Reorx. He traveled north following the war spreading the word of the return of the gods for the next 20 years. Jasper was said to have wise blue eyes that sparked with humor and was often called an honest dwarf. He weighed 145 lbs., had brown hair, wore a short a beard and was 3'11.

Pre-Chaos War

When Jasper reached Solace, he traveled for a while with Sturm Majere, Tanin Majere and Palin Majere on a series of adventures. He eventually returned to his life as a missionary of Reorx and continued to spread the word of the return of the gods until after the Chaos War. He would travel throughout much of Abanasinia creating churches dedicated to Reorx and recruited several new priests to Reorx. Following the Chaos War he returned to Hillhome and resumed his work as a miner.

Age of Mortals

Jasper became one of the first mystic followers who were taught the art by Goldmoon. She healed him from his wounds by using the power of the heart. He felt drawn to use the power and became a pupil to her. He then traveled with her to the Isle of Schallsea to help found the Citadel of Light. Jasper then returned back to Hillhome and taught the dwarves the art of mysticism. He would eventually return back to the Citadel of Light to receive further training.

He would climb the Silver Stairs a dozen times trying to make contact with the former gods and searching deeper into his heart for more courage to stand up to the Dragon Overlords. Jasper wore a hammer at all times on him because he wanted to be ready to face any upcoming challenges. Often Jasper would greet visitors who traveled to the Citadel of Light and provide comfort to them.

Jasper joined the Heroes of the Heart in their pursuit of ending the reign of the Dragon Overlords. He often considered himself one of the weaker champions and though that if it hadn't been for Blister Nimblefingers he would have been left behind. He journeyed with the Heroes during their struggles against the Dragon Overlords.

While at the Citadel of Light, Jasper met Dhamon Grimwulf who became a friend of his. After learning of the dragon scale that was embedded into Dhamon, Jasper sought to cure him of it. He was unsuccessful in learning how to remove the scale and his friendship with Dhamon nearly cost him his life.

He traveled with the Heroes as they sought to fulfill their promise to the Dimernesti elves in the slaying of Brynseldimer. Aboard the ship Narwhal, the Heroes battled and killed the sea dragon by using the Crown of Tides. The Crown could control the waters around the ship and forced the dragon onto a bed of coral. Brine then fought against the Heroes before the Narwhal impaled it on the bowsprit and the dragon sunk beneath the waves mortally wounded.

Dhamon was a dragon vassal of Malys and had instructed him to kill Goldmoon; Jasper tried to intervene but was cut down by Dhamon. As he lay dying Jasper thought he saw his Uncle Flint in the distance, but before he could reach him Feril healed him.

The wounds that Jasper had received were deep and took months to recover from. The wounds left both physical and emotional scars that though pained Jasper never stopped him in his pursuit to end the reign of the Dragon Overlords. Even after the attack Jasper considered Dhamon still a friend and sought a way to remove the scale.

Battle at the Portal

At the Window to the Star portal, Jasper knew that he was going to have to be a valiant warrior like his uncle Flint and prayed to Reorx for the strength to wield his hammer. In the battle that followed Jasper scored several hits on the dragons and managed to endure the dragonfear. Jasper was killed at the battle under the claws of Onysablet when he sacrificed himself so that Goldmoon could return.


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