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Horld Hammerhand

Article written by Gerrin

Horld Hammerhand (? - ? AC) was a Neidar dwarf blacksmith from the Neidar village of Hillhome. He was one of several blacksmiths in the village and ran the Hammerhand Smithy, even though his relatives told him what to do. Horld was from a prominent family in Hillhome and was the older brother to Andar Hammerhand. In his youth some people often considered Horld a bully even though he was a leader among the youths of the village.

Before the Battle of Hillhome, Horld volunteered to accompany Basalt Fireforge on a mission to capture the Theiwar wagon drivers. It was on this mission that he listened to Basalt and trusted his judgment. This created a long-standing friendship between the two and has created a respect for Basalt's uncle, Flint Fireforge.


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