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Praetor of the Imperial Armies

Article written by Paul Record & Ambro

The Lord Praetor of the Imperial Armies is in charge of all military matters in the Empire of Ergoth and is almost always a Cavalier of Ergoth. The Praetor has the ability to command the dukes, counts, and barons of the Empire as well as its armies. The Praetor's chief of staff is called a Decurion and is sometimes in line to be the next Praetor.

Past Praetors

Vinas Solamnus (1812 PC - 1799 PC) was the Praetor before the Rose Rebellion.

Serl Kar-Thorn (? PC - 19 PC) was the Praetor during the Lost Battles.

Osric Kel-Kinert (? AC - 407 AC) handpicked his successor.

Current Praetor

Uthred Ker-Kanvovas (407 AC - Current (427 AC)) became Praetor following Osric Kel-Kinert.


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