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Cavaliers of Ergoth

Article written by Paul Record

The Cavaliers of Ergoth or Ergothian Cavaliers are the oldest order of knights on Ansalon. Before being called Cavaliers, the mounted warriors of Ergoth were called Riders of the Horde. With the advancement of time and technology led to a quiet evolution in the Ergothian military. No longer were Ergoth's mounted warriors barbarians riding on horseback. They were well armed and armored riders. Early in the Quevalin dynasty the Emperor of Ergoth declared the army would cease to be called the Horde and mounted warriors would be called cavalry. The leaders of the cavalry would be knights, Cavaliers.

The Ergothian Cavaliers are not a typical order of knights. The Cavaliers are an import part of the social structure of the Empire itself. Every Cavalier of Ergoth is a noble. The leader of the Cavaliers is the Praetor of the Imperial Armies.

All those who would wish to join the ranks of the Cavaliers must enter the knighthood as a squire of a Cavalier. When the squire's master feels he has proven himself, the squire is knighted as a Cavalier of Ergoth. Most Cavaliers are noble born but not all of them. Those not of noble birth must work harder to prove themselves worthy of joining the Knighthood. The most famous Cavalier was Vinas Solamnus. He served the Empire faithfully until the Rose Rebellion.


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