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Hillhome was a Neidar village located west of Thorbardin on the Passroad (Hillhome Highway). Several Neidar dwarf families including the Fireforge Clan founded the village before the Cataclysm. It was a quiet village that was populated by farmers, merchants and craftsmen.

Age of Despair

Following both the Cataclysm and Dwarfgate War, the town lost much of its population following these events. The town also was subject to raids by bandits and was rebuilt several times following destructive raids. Hillhome had to rely on its own economy to support the villagers living there since it had little that foreign merchants wanted.

It did enjoy a brief period of prosperity prior to the War of the Lance when it made a pact with Theiwar dwarves for the use of the Passroad. The Theiwar agreed to pay high prices to use the road to send secret shipments of weapons to the Dragonarmies in Sanction. Flint Fireforge with the help of other allies discovered the nature of the shipments and ended the agreement.

Following the end of the agreement the Theiwar dwarves attacked the village of Hillhome and destroyed much of it in the Battle of Hillhome. Many families following the battle moved away, but diehard families like the Fireforges stayed behind to rebuild the village.

Hillhome survived the War of the Lance with little involvement and rebuilt many of its structures by 365 AC. A mayor and a town council rule the city. A constable and Master of the Militia provide security for the village. The city returned to its normal status following the War of the Lance.

Buildings of Hillhome

Church of Hillhome
Curiosity Shop of Hillhome
Delwar's Forge
Earthen Barricade of Hillhome
Fireforge Carpentry
Fireforge Home
Grain Mill of Hillhome
Hammerhand Home
Hammerhand Smithy
Hard Steel Smithworks
Hildy's Brewery
Holden's General Store
Leathers and Cloth
Micah's General Store
Moldoon's Inn
The Wagoneers
Town Hall of Hillhome
Warehouses of Hillhome


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