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Gemfather Mines

Article written by Gerrin

The Gemfather Mines were a set of mines located on the Anviltop Mountains and were mined by the Dwarves from Thorbardin. This mine was delved by dwarves of all the clans of Thorbardin and has produced many different kinds of gems and rock. The clans of Thorbardin reached an agreement and divided the mine into three sections given to the clans of the Hylar, Daewar, Daergar and Theiwar.

The Hylar and Daewar worked the northern Gemfathers mines and delved jade, onyx and bloodstones. While Theiwar mined the central area and the Daergar mined the southern areas. These two clans mined jade, emeralds and rubies, with the majority of the precious stones were found in the Daergar mines.


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