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The Agharpost mines was located on Mount Zhaman and were operated by the Dwarves from Thorbardin. It was mined for iron and nickel, which was shipped back to Thorbardin in its early days to provide the materials needed to make steel. This mine at one time was once a main mine for all the clans of Thorbardin and was first delved shortly after the founding of Thorbardin.

The mine survived the Cataclysm unscathed, but it was later damaged during the Dwarfgate War when Fistandantilus caused an explosion that caused the entrance of the mine to collapse. Following the Dwarfgate War, Aghar Dwarves found ways into the mines and inhabited them. They started a colony there that had around 200 Gully Dwarves at the time of the War of the Lance because of the geothermal heat that was being released into the mines.


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