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Mudhole was an Aghar Dwarf colony that existed in Thorbardin and was located under the Theiwar garbage pits. Before the Cataclysm the city was a productive mine, but the Cataclysm caused all but one tunnel leading into it to collapse. The one tunnel that remained was almost vertical and the Theiwar turned it into a garbage pit.

The city held around 300 gully dwarf families and was ruled traditionally by a king and queen. Mudhole was attacked in 346 AC by Pitrick a Theiwar savant and a carrion crawler. Through the actions of King Flunk II and Queen Furryend I, Mudhole was saved and the carrion crawler was killed. Mudhole consisted of four caverns, the Thrown Room, the Beast Pit, and the Big Sky Room, the fourth cavern is currently unnamed.


King Flunk II
Queen Furryend I
King Nomscul
Queen Fury


Thrown Room
Beast Pit
Big Sky Room


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