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West Warrens

Article written by Gerrin

The West Warrens were a food warren of Thorbardin that was located underground in the western part of the dwarven kingdom. It was near the North Hall of Audience, Theibardin and the Valley of the Thanes. This warren was the smallest warren in Thorbardin and grew much food for the Hylar clan. It had several roads; the First Road, the Third Road, the Fourth Road, the Sixth Road, and the Seventh Road, that led into the warren from a variety of locations. The West Warrens were the only warrens left available to be used following the attack by Chaos in Thorbardin during the Chaos War.

These warrens grew a variety of kinds of mushrooms and vegetables because they had more accessibility to light then the other warrens. The mushrooms grown in this warren are as big as trees and are often compared to a forest. The West Warren was the warren where Raistlin Majere studied the mushrooms of Thorbardin.


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