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East Warrens

Article written by Gerrin

The East Warrens were a food warren of Thorbardin that was located underground in the eastern part of the dwarven kingdom. It was near the Daewar city of Daebardin and was connected to the two Daergar cities, Daerforge and Daerbardin. This warren was the largest warren in Thorbardin and grew much food for the Daewar and Daergar clans. The East Warrens were badly damaged an inaccessible following the attack by Chaos in Thorbardin.

These warrens were the place where the Urkhan Worms were discovered. The warrens are covered in a fine soil that is created by the digestive system of the worms. There is a variety of crops grown here ranging from mushrooms, fungus to exotic flowers.


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