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Southgate (Kayolin)

Article written by Gerrin

Southgate was one of the gates that allowed access to the underground cities of the Kayolin dwarves. It connected the city of Geale to the outside world. This gate was constructed at the founding of the Kayolin colony by Hylar dwarves.

This gate was also known as Wargate because it was built facing the areas controlled by enemies of the Kayolin. Southgate remained closed after it was built. It used the screw and plug system that the Hylar brought with them from Thorbardin. The only time the gate was opened was to allow patrols in and out. To open the gate a system of communication involving drums was designed.

Below the gate runs the Silvershield River. The area where the river exits out of the mountain the dwarves have created a system of grates. These grates follow the rivers path back into the mountain and are placed every 1,000 yards until they reach the city of Geale. Along the waterway the Kayolin constructed guard posts to watch for possible intruders.


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