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Westgate was one of the gates that allowed access to the underground cities of the Kayolin dwarves. It connected the city of Spar to the outside world, and was constructed at the founding of the Kayolin colony by Hylar dwarves. The gate was located high above the Sliprock River and was considered to be one of the most inaccessible entrances into the Kayolin underground.

The gate itself was constructed out of marble. It contained a 20 step marble staircase that had wide steps. Besides the staircase there was a steep ramp that contains a winch and pulley to move carts and loads up to the next level.

Westgate also contained a screw and plug system that the Hylar brought with them from Thorbardin. The controls for the gate were in a room above the gate. This allowed the dwarves to have a vantage point above the trail in which they could direct missile fire onto threats. The only route to the room began back in Spar, which lied 3 miles from the gate.

Westgate was built on the other side of a steep chasm from by the Sliprock River. A bridge spanned the gap between both sides. The route lead towards Westgate was a steep and winding road that was narrow in several areas. Off to one side of the gate, water flows from a crack in the ground. It created an external outlet for the Gem River. Because of the winter freezing the top of the river, the dwarves were forced to place a grate over this crack to prevent threats from entering the kingdom this way.


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