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Governor's Palace (Garnet Thax)

Article written by Gerrin

The Governor's Palace was located under the Garnet Mountains on the upper level of the Kayolin city of Garnet Thax, and was the residences and formal chambers for the Governor. The Palace was designed to hold 500 Dwarves and consisted of a network of buildings, streets, walls and barracks. It was a hexagonal shaped building that had six wings sprawling off of it. Most of the buildings of the palace are built out of marble and only have their walls and do not contain a ceiling, so that the domed ceiling of the cavern can be seen.

Each wing fanned out of the central atrium and was divided by the other wings by an avenue of statues. The northern wing was the Governor's Hall, which was surrounded by marble columns, and in the center there was a great throne built out of onyx.

The next wing, clockwise from the Governor's Hall, was the royal apartments where the governor's family lives. This wing was divided into many smaller rooms and also contained space for the governor's servants.

The third wing was the home of the Governor's Honor Guard. The honor guard consisted of warriors who have proven their courage and skill in battle. They were sworn for life to protect the governor at all costs. The Honor Guard and their family lived in spacious apartments and parts of this wing were converted into training rooms.

The fourth wing contained the royal treasuries and also housed part of the Royal Garrison. They lived in communal barracks centered on the treasury and were given the main task of guarding it. The fifth wing contained the rest of the Royal Garrison and the sixth wing was reserved for honored guests.


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