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Northern Wastes

Article written by Uziel

The Northern Wastes are a vast desert region that dominates the central northern section of the region of Solamnia. The dry realm is filled with scorpions, snakes and lizards and has only a few structures lying within it, chief of which are the ruins of the City of Lost Names. The southern portion of the Northern Wastes is filled with the Dybbuk Sands and Destiny's Hand, which serve as a barrier against the verdant greenery of Hinterlund and Palanthas. The desert falls away along northern coastline and breaks into rolling hills filled with bushes and willows and are inhabited by wild goats, rabbit, desert eagles, and leopards.

Age of Mortals

During the Age of Mortals, the Blue Dragon Khellendros made the Northern Wastes his home. He stretched the borders of the desert into Hinterlund and Palanthas somewhat, and filled the realm with his blue Dragonspawn. The death of the Dragon Overlord meant that the desolate realm again fell to the rule of the scorpions, lizards and other creatures that wander the sands.


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