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Tybalt Fireforge

Article written by Gerrin & Kranar Drogin

Tybalt Fireforge (? AC - ? AC) was a Neidar Dwarf from the infamous Fireforge Clan of Hillhome and the younger brother of Flint Fireforge. Tybalt was known to have been stocky, had a bulbous nose, and a weak chin. He used a two-handed sword along with a short sword. He will not hesitate though, to put Hillhome before the letter of the law.

Battle of Hillhome

He was the constable of Hillhome in 346 AC, and helped Flint escape the village after the death of a Theiwar wagon driver. Tybalt also jailed the Theiwar wagon drivers for the death of Moldoon and helped Basalt Fireforge discover the secret of the Theiwar wagon shipments. He took part in the Battle of Hillhome and wielded a massive two-handed sword. He survived the battle and continued his duties as constable of the town.

Wizard Alliance

In 350 AC, a renegade Wizard by the name of Lyim Rhistadt threatened to destroy the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth. The wizards of High Sorcery asked both the Neidar and the Hylar to assist in defeating Lyim. Tybalt agreed to gather other Neidar to his banner and ambush at a place simply called the Pass. The battle plan was that Tybalt would lead his forces against the on coming army once they were halfway through the pass, while his Hylar counterpart, Hothjor divided the army with a central attack down the Kharolis Mountains. The joined dwarven armies were able to crush poorly trained Humans, along with the assistance of Ergoth cavaliers led by Mercadior Redic V, and Lyim's attempt against the Tower was thwarted.


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