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Aylmar Fireforge

Article written by Gerrin

Aylmar Fireforge (? - 346 AC) was a Neidar Dwarf from the infamous Fireforge Clan of Hillhome and the older brother to Flint Fireforge. He was an adventurer who was forced to retire early from his career because he had inherited the family condition of a weak heart. After retiring from adventuring Aylmar took up the profession of blacksmithing and became the village blacksmith of Hillhome.

Aylmar was said to closely resemble his younger brother Flint. He had a thick black beard, steel-blue eyes and had a barrel-shaped chest.

Earlier Years

Aylmar adventured through his early years with his younger brother Flint Fireforge. They had many travels together but the most famous of these adventures occurred in the foothills of the Kharolis Mountains. Together the brothers had discovered a hobgoblin liar and killed several of the hobgoblins inside. In the treasure room of the lair the discovered a heaping pile of coins and gems, but on top of the pile was a beautiful ancient axe. The brothers named the axe the Tharkan Axe in honor of Pax Tharkas which wasn't far away.

Middle Years

Aylmar's weak heart forced him into early retirement from adventuring. On Flint's Fullbeard Day he presented the axe to him to be used in his adventuring career. Aylmar settled down in Hillhome and was married to Bertina. He had taken up the job of village blacksmith and was the father of Basalt Fireforge and five other children.

In 346 AC the Theiwar began a trading agreement with the villagers of Hillhome. Aylmar was very vocal against the working agreement that allowed Theiwar wagon loaded with simple farm tools should be allowed to use the Passroad (Hillhome Highway). He was called to the Theiwar compound, Delwar's Forge in the village of Hillhome one night to repair a wagon wheel. Whiling repairing the wheel he discovered the secret weapon's shipments in the bottoms of the wagons. Before he could report the finding to Mayor Holden, Aylmar was killed Pitrick the Savant. His murder was witnessed by Hillhome's village simpleton Garth.


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