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Tilden Brynwood

Article written by Uziel

Tilden Brynwood (353 AC - ? AC) was the abbot of the Order of Majere Monastery during the early part of the Age of Mortals. Tilden was born in the year after the War of the Lance and didn't know a time when the gods were not present in the world until events following the Chaos War. The aging monk spent a year in meditation in 384 AC during which he received a vivid dream which told him "the harbinger will sing". The monk did not understand the message, but undertook leading the order in rebuilding the Order of Majere monastery in 386 AC.

The leader of the monks later came to believe that the harbinger was in fact Goldmoon and her song was the gift of Mysticism to the folk of Ansalon. Tilden has become a respected interpreter of dreams who is described as a balding man with bright youthful eyes.


  • Legends of the Lance, Issue 6

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