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Meadowfair was a Neidar village located in the western edge of the Kharolis Mountains, founded by Einar prior to 2128 PC. It was located on a broad prairie at the base of the Kharolis Mountain foothills. The village was built on the banks of a shallow river. It raised herds of sheep and goats that grazed on the sandy hills around the village. The community contained a mixed culture of Humans and Dwarves. Stormslope although founded by dwarves from Thorbardin had its own system of self-government, independent of the Thorbardin Thanes. One chieftain was Blade Silverbell.

Wizard's War

During the spring of 2128 PC, a Fogdrake named Rage attacked the village, destroying and killing everything in it. The town eventually recovered from this attack and is around to this day.


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