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Sunsleep was a Neidar community located at the westernmost edge of the Garnet Mountains. It was founded prior to the Cataclysm and was a village known primarily for trading with the Solamnics of Caergoth. Following the Cataclysm the town remained in good relations with the underground cities of the Kayolin.

The village of Sunsleep was a self-sufficient town following the Cataclysm. At first many of the dwarves of Sunsleep retreated into Geale for the first few years. They returned to Sunsleep where life continued on as normal in the years following the event. Trade was established with the Solamnics in the west.

Sunsleep was built next to one of the few roads that cross into the Garnet Mountains. The village itself was built high in the mountains that gave it an excellent vantage point. Villagers could see the towers of Thelgaard Keep 40 miles to the northwest.

The layout of the village is compact. Alongside the major road that travels through the center of town, the Neidar dwarves built businesses. Most of the residences are built behind the main roads into the hills to the north and south of it. Most of the buildings in the town are constructed from either stone or wood.


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