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Spar was a mountain Dwarf town founded by the dwarven realm of Kayolin. It was located inside the Garnet Mountains, near the Westgate of Kayolin. It was founded prior to the Cataclysm for creating coins. The city was nearly unchanged by the Cataclysm as only a few tunnels collapsed. These tunnels were repaired within 10 years of the event.

The city was originally built in a cavern that contained a large lake. The cavern contained three large waterfalls that flowed into the lake. Through the centuries the underground lake shrank to a depth of 10-20 feet and exposed hundred's of islands. It was upon these islands that the city was built.

The city was a three level city built upwards with supporting columns. The second level was traditional dwarven stonework, but the upper level was made from wood. The reasoning behind this was to keep the weight of the structure down. The islands on the first level were connected through a series of bridges and canals.

Spar is still the center of minting coins in Kayolin. These coins were highly sought after by traders who traveled to Westgate. The minting houses are located in the center of the city on a large island. The four minting houses are in the same square, one on each side. The mints are known as the House of Gold, House of Silver, House of Platinum and the House of Steel. The area above the mints is open all the way to the ceiling where thousands of stalactites are found.


House of Gold
House of Platinum
House of Silver
House of Steel


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