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Rubicon was a mountain Dwarf city founded by the dwarven nation of Kayolin. It was located in the Garnet Mountains near the Dualgates and Rubicon Warrens of Kayolin. It was founded prior to the Cataclysm as one of the main centers of forging steel for Kayolin.

The city was changed by the Cataclysm when it caused a massive lava eruption through the fifth stairshaft. The lava triggered a massive fire that destroyed the northern part of Rubicon. The fire spread throughout the five levels, which left the northern part in a twisted image of its former self. Columns were bent and buildings were twisted. The dwarves have left the northern part of Rubicon empty as a shrine to the dead. No one has attempted to rebuild this area or move into following the tragic event.

The city consisted of five separate levels. The lower levels of the city contained the forges and foundries. This has caused the city to be covered in a layer of soot and the heat of the foundries can be felt throughout the city. Rubicon was a city known for its high quality steel, which it received from the city of Garnet-Thax. The upper levels of the city are used for residential and business.


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