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Knollwood was a Neidar community located at the northern edge of the Garnet Mountains. It was founded prior to the Cataclysm and was a village known primarily for the herds of sheep that grazed in the town. Following the Cataclysm the town remained in good relations with the underground cities of the Kayolin.

The village of Knollwood was a self-sufficient town following the Cataclysm. Life in Knollwood continued on as normal in the years following the event. Trade was established with the Solamnics in the north. The town was a key trading point with several cities in Solamnia.

This community was different from other Neidar communities in the fact that the Neidar who live here were actually Hylar and Daewar dwarves. These dwarves remained affiliated with their clans. Outsiders who observed the dwarves living in Knollwood often mistake them for hill dwarves.

The town of Knollwood sits lower then the other Neidar villages of the Kayolin. It was well suited for hauling heavy cargos into the dwarven realm. It was also only 20 miles from Solanthus, which also allowed it to be one of the leading trade areas of the Kayolin.

The outlay of the town was very sporadic. Houses were literally built into the hills around the village. Paths crisscrossed around these buildings leading in all directions. The top of the hill was used to raise sheep.

The business section of the town was located at the base of the hill. The roads that led into the village curved around the base of the hill. On both sides of the road they were shops, stalls, inns and variety of businesses specializing in metal. This was the only town of the Kayolin that heavy cargo could safely enter and be transported into the mountain realm, which caused a myriad of warehouses that held the stone that was hauled down from the mountain. Located nearby to the town was a large marble quarry that provided stone for castles and other monumental structures throughout Solamnia

Another thing that made the village of Knollwood unique from other dwarven villages was the fact that half the population was human and a few are gnomes. Businesses in the village catered to both human and dwarven sized customers. This created the need for businesses to build buildings that could support both types of customers.


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