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Geale was a mountain Dwarf city founded by the dwarven nation of Kayolin. It was located inside the Garnet Mountains, near Southgate. It was founded prior to the Cataclysm for help in the defense of Kayolin. The city was nearly unchanged by the Cataclysm except for minor damage to the bridges and a few collapsed buildings. Ten years following the Cataclysm the city returned back to its normal status.

The city's layout was three main levels and consisted mainly of dwarven soldiers and warriors living in it. The middle level of the city was primarily the dwarves living area, while the upper and lower levels were used in times of crisis to shelter the aboveground hill dwarf cities populations.

Geale was built for defense of Kayolin. It contained a large, slanting chasm that was created by the Silvershield River running below it. Bridges span across the chasm and connected the different parts of the city together. The streets of Geale were wide avenues built not for beauty but for the defense of the city.

The city had little in the way of beauty. Its markets were designed to serve the needs of their daily population and contained little ornamentation. Plain buildings and shops line the streets of the city. It also had a very limited social area located near the riverwalk on the middle level. The city also contained few foundries and forges and those that were built in the city were used primarily to construct weapons and items for the defense of the city.


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