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Garnet-Thax, also spelled Garnet Thax, was a mountain Dwarf town founded by the dwarven realm of Kayolin. It was located inside the Garnet Mountains, near the Dualgates of Kayolin. It was founded prior to the Cataclysm as the first city of the Kayolin. The city was nearly unchanged by the Cataclysm as only a few tunnels collapsed, but the tunnels were repaired within 10 years of the event.

This city was an enormous city, sprawling 12 miles. It was easily larger then any city built inside of Thorbardin. It contained 18 different levels and was built inside a massive atrium, called the Governor's Atrium. All 18 levels of the city had balconies that overlooked the atrium and as the atrium descended downward it narrowed at the bottom to a distance of less then 100 feet across.

The top level of the city was the Governor's Palace. Beneath the palace laid the Noble Quarters on level 17, and below the Noble Quarters were the midlevels.

The midlevels were where much of the Kayolin live in the city. The buildings on this level were built from stone. Businesses and shops were built closer to the balconies of these levels. The residential homes were found behind the shops. Most buildings were built from various kinds of marble that are mined in Kayolin.

Beneath the midlevels was Aghar Haven. The Kayolin set aside an entire level for the use of the Aghar Dwarves. Underneath that lied the Deep Levels which contained the city's smelters and foundries. The city didn't have a volcanic heat source so all heat was created from coal.

Light was brought into the city by several suntunnels built into the top of the atrium. Also chimneys on the lower level piped out the smoke while the warmth of the forges drifted upward to heat the levels of the city. Directly northwest of the city the Aqueous Warrens were located.

Buildings of Garnet-Thax

Aghar Haven
Governor's Palace
Noble Quarters


Aqueous Warrens


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