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Emera was a mountain Dwarf town founded by the dwarven realm of Kayolin. It was located inside the Garnet Mountains, near the Dualgates of Kayolin, and it was founded prior to the Cataclysm for help in the defense of Kayolin. The city was nearly unchanged by the Cataclysm as only a few tunnels collapsed. These tunnels were repaired within 10 years of the event.

The design of the city is unique for the cities of the Kayolin. This city was the only city that does not occupy a natural cavern but was created out of solid rock. Because of that the streets were winding and crooked, so the dwarves created the design of a maze for the streets to slow down potential invaders. They are numerous blind alleys in the city that have overlooking balconies in case of attack where the dwarves may fire down into the attackers.

Eight of the tunnels come together in the center of the city in an octagonal plaza. This was the only part of the city to have a suntunnel. The rest of the city uses other means to create light and most of the tunnels leading from the center are usually dark. In the center of the city there were four spiral stairways leading upwards. There were also five tunnels that led down to the lower levels of the city.


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