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Crystal was a mountain Dwarf city located near the Dualgates of Kayolin. This city was responsible for much of the food trade in Kayolin. The reason for this was its location near the Auriculum Warren and Rubricon Warren. The citizens living here specialize in taking care of the warrens.

Crystal was built in a series of underground caverns. The layout of the city has businesses and homes being built into the walls of the caverns. In the middle of the caverns are massive large white quartz crystals. The crystal can reflect the light of suntunnels and give the caverns a white glow. The marble floors that cover the caverns floor enhance the light.

The city remained relatively unchanged throughout the history of the Kayolin. It was founded prior to the Cataclysm and has always served as the chief source of food for the dwarves of Kayolin. Following the Cataclysm little changed and most things returned to normal 10 years after the event.


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