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Garnet Mountains

Article written by Uziel

The dwarven realm of Kayolin is dominated by a vast series of ranges known as the Garnet Mountains. The range was originally part of Kharolis Mountains prior to the Cataclysm, and formed the northernmost section of the broad range. However during the Cataclysm, the lands to the south of Kayolin fell into the sea and the Newsea was created. The Garnet Mountains are most well known for the series of monstrous ridges that comprise most of the four individual ranges. The highest peaks of the Garnet Mountains are known to rise almost two thousand feet from the base of the mountains. The four individual ranges that comprise the Garnet Mountains run north to south throughout the realm, and from west to east are: Garnet Ridge, Emerald Crest, Iron Ridge and the Dragonheights.

Other than housing dwarven towns, the Garnet Mountains are home to deer, goats, sheep, mountain cats and bears. The valleys and lower ridges of the mountains are also well utilised for agricultural purposes, including the cultivation of grains, vegetables and grapes. Because the Garnet Mountains are near impassable due to the jagged ridges, the dwarves of Kayolin have carved tunnels through the ridges, to allow for simple and efficient travel throughout their realm from one dwarven settlement to the next.


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